Experience / Projects and Clients

HealthConnect International is a not-for-profit consulting group whose mission is to enhance health improvement programs in low-resource settings through the cost-effective application of ICTs.

HealthConnect staff has a proven track record in designing and implementing award-winning ICT for health programs. In 2004, the Learning Resource Center (LRC) Project, a program they developed for the American International Health Alliance, was selected as a Finalist in the Stockholm Challenge, a biannual international competition, which recognizes programs that use ICTs innovatively to benefit people, society, and the environment. In building the ICT capacity and infrastructure at over 160 hospitals, clinics, medical universities, and other public health organizations in Eurasia and Africa, the LRC project incorporated a broad range of e-health program components, including access to online research, telemedicine, database and information systems development, community outreach and education, website design, and distance learning.

The LRC project also served to establish a cadre of ICT for health practitioners in countries of Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, many of whom have first-hand experience in developing information systems, websites, distance learning, and other e-health programs for their own institutions and communities. These practitioners have continued to remain active as a virtual community of practice, which HealthConnect staff supports through the maintenance of the LRC Network discussion list. HealthConnect International is able to draw upon members of this network to support its training programs and other projects.

In their previous professional capacities, HealthConnect staff have also supported national health ministries in creating healthcare information systems and other ICT infrastructure projects, created online information clearinghouses for the World Health Organization and the US Agency for International Development, produced e-learning modules, and setup satellite videoconferencing and telemedicine capabilities. Collectively, HealthConnect International provides a team of staff with a broad portfolio of ICT and program management capabilities and experience.