January 2012 - Training Resources Bulletin (Vol. I, No.1)

Training Resources Bulletin
Vol. I, No. 1 – January 2012

American International Health Alliance
LRC Project

The Training Resources Bulletin is intended to assist institutions and individuals who are seeking online training options in the field of medicine, public health, social work, and related topics.

The information in the Bulletin is obtained from the international organizations themselves and presented as a service to LRC mailing lists subscribers.  AIHA is not responsible for the actual content nor the accuracy of the information presented.

If this document is to be redistributed or posted on another Web site, we request that it be posted in full/without alteration, and that credit is given to the American International Health Alliance as the source of the document.

Your input (including new sources of online training opportunities) will be greatly appreciated.


  • Harvard Medical School Continuing Education Online
  • Increasing Patient Access to Pain Medicines around the World: A Framework to Improve National Policies that Govern Drug Distribution On-line Course
  • Test Your Diagnostic Skills – Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants
  • PedsEducation.org
  • Rapid Epidemiological Surveys in Developing Countries
  • Evidence Based Practice Tutorial for Nurses
  • NCCN On-line CME/CE
  • TB? Maybe Not: The Differential Diagnosis of Tuberculosis
  • AIHA Medinars
  • This is Public Health Toolkit
  • End of Life/Palliative Education Resource Center
  • Udutu


Harvard Medical School Continuing Education Online

Description: Multimedia enriched, comprehensive, and interactive courses in the following areas:

Aging/Geriatrics, Behavioral Health, Cardiovascular Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Gastroenterology, Genetics , Lifestyle Medicine, Medicine , Neurology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Radiology , Rheumatology, Risk Management

Access: Participants living in developing nations receive a 50% discount. Participants living in Africa and Haiti receive courses free of charge.
URL: http://cmeonline.med.harvard.edu/

Increasing Patient Access to Pain Medicines around the World: A Framework to Improve National Policies that Govern Drug Distribution On-line Course

Description: It is critically important for health care professionals and government drug regulators as well as advocates involved in the area of palliative care and pain relief to understand the government policies that control opioid analgesics and how they can impact medication availability and patient access to opioid analgesics. This course is about the relationship between government policies that affect the medical availability of opioid analgesics and patients who experience moderate to severe pain. The course has 7 lessons, each with required readings. The content presented in each lesson builds on the content from previous lessons. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you complete the lessons in order. From the Pain & Policy Studies Group, University of Wisconsin Paul P. Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center. Madison, Wisconsin, 2008.

Access: Free
URL: http://www.painpolicy.wisc.edu/on-line_course/welcome.htm

Test Your Diagnostic Skills – Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants

Description: Test Your Diagnostic Skills, the monthly newsletter for JAAPA's clinical quiz departments, highlights the latest installments of Dermatology Digest, Diagnostic Imaging Review, and Case of the Month. Click on a headline to read the case and determine your diagnosis. Then click "NEXT" to read the discussion section to see if your choice was correct.

Access: Free subscription
URL: http://www.jaapa.com/newsletter/94/


Description: PedsEducation.org has been providing free online education to the medical community since 2000. PedsEducation.org is a service of Nemours, one of the  largest group practices for children in the US. PedsEducation.org is operated by Nemours Office of Continuing Medical Education. For registered nurses and other health care professionals

Access: Free (registration required)
URL: http://www.pedseducation.org/

Rapid Epidemiological Surveys in Developing Countries

Description: On-line version of a four-unit course that was created and taught by Professor Emeritus Ralph R. Frerichs at the University of  California (UCLA) for two decades from 1988 through 2008. The intention of the course, EPI 418 Rapid Epidemiological Surveys in Developing Countries, was to present the need for rapid surveys; an appreciation of theories of sampling; the nature of rapid two-stage cluster surveys; and the importance of such surveys for decision-making. At the end of the course, students were expected to be able to do survey field work, statistically analyze their data, and present findings to a non-epidemiologic audience. This web course replicates EPI 418 and is intended for educational use only. For supporting information on software and published survey references, click in the left column on Rapid Surveys and Software. To start the course, click on Syllabus and print the course outline and readings (in PDF format). The software training manual (STM, Chapters 1 and 2) explains the use of the software, including Epi Info and Stata. The course presentations are included in 17 lectures with sound, each developed in Microsoft's Powerpoint and converted to Adobe's Flash for viewing and listening in most contemporary browsers. Lastly, there are two problems and a final group problem that students were asked to complete as part of the course. Suggested answers are included only for the two problems.

Access: Free
URL: http://www.ph.ucla.edu/epi/rapidsurveys/RScourse/index_lg.html

Evidence Based Practice Tutorial for Nurses 

Description: Tutorial was prepared by the Pennsylvania State University Library.  There are 4 basic steps in Evidence Based Practice: Step 1 - Convert your information need into an answerable question; Step 2 - Find the best evidence; Step 3 - Appraise search results for validity and usefulness; Step 4 - Apply the findings to your clinical practice and evaluate your professional performance. The basic aim of this tutorial is to walk you through these steps in an effort to make the process easier and more understandable for you.

Access: Free
URL: http://www.libraries.psu.edu/psul/tutorials/ebpt.html



Description: National Comprehensive Cancer Network (US). NCCN On-line CME/CE Activities include presentation webcasts, streaming videos, and an audio library of presentations from the NCCN Educational Events. NCCN On-line CME/CE Activities also include JNCCN Task Force Supplements, for which NCCN convenes experts from within and beyond NCCN Member Institutions to expand on issues discussed in the NCCN Guidelines and to discuss issues outside the scope of the NCCN Guidelines.

Access: Free. Registration required
URL: http://www.nccn.org/interactive/default.asp   

TB? Maybe Not: The Differential Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

Description: This two-hour webinar was intended for clinicians and others who are involved in the diagnosis of active TB. The recording consists of a 90-minute web-based seminar followed by a 30-minute question and answer period. The panel of experts reviews case scenarios of the most common diagnostic dilemmas in the diagnosis of TB which include basic issues in the recognition of NTM, infectious pneumonia, and cancers.

Access: Free
URL: http://www.currytbcenter.ucsf.edu/training/arch_DiffDx.cfm

AIHA Medinars

Description: Medical webinars provided by the American International Health Alliance on different health care topics in Russian and in English. The recordings and PowerPoint presentations are available online shortly after each webinar.

Access: Free
URL: http://www.eurasiahealth.org/aids/health/resources/100244/



Description:  MedEdPORTAL is an archive of peer-reviewed educational materials and teaching tools.  Supported by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) in partnership with the American Dental Education Association (ADEA)

Access: Free (registration required)
URL: https://www.mededportal.org/

This is Public Health Toolkit

Description: This is Public Health toolkit, canl serve as a resource for anyone who is interested in educating others about public health issues or the field of public health. The materials in the toolkit are suggestions or templates, which can either be used as is or tailored to suit your specific audiences.  Activities include: puzzle, word match game and quizzes. The toolkit also includes links for other resources that can increase knowledge of public health both inside and outside of the classroom. Created by the Association of Schools of Public Health  (US).

Access: Free
URL: http://www.thisispublichealth.org/toolkit-about.html

End of Life/Palliative Education Resource Center (EPERC)

Description: This site is intended to support individuals involved in the design, implementation, and/or evaluation of End-of-Life/Palliative education for physicians, nurses and other health care professionals. There  is also  a collection of pre-selected articles, books, teaching materials and web resources.  The site has been designed for use by medical school course/clerkship directors, residency and continuing education program directors, medical faculty, community preceptors, or other professionals who are (or will be) involved in providing EOL instruction to health care professionals in training. You can browse materials by format: Medical Education Experiences, Palliative Care Modules, Pocket Instructional Aids, Presentations, Standardized Patient Materials, Web-based Online Training , Education Manuals, Cases, and Evaluation forms.

Access: Free
URL: http://www.eperc.mcw.edu/



Description: ICATT is an innovative software application to support the implementation of the WHO/UNICEF strategy on the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI). The tool provides the possibility to adapt the generic IMCI guidelines at national and sub-national levels, and to develop ICATT-based training courses that fit into various training approaches. Registered users of this WEB site can actively participate in various Forums relevant to the use of ICATT and its implementation. The download section contains the latest ICATT key technical documents and information. For registered users the latest versions of the ICATT software and key resources are available. Reflecting the dual purpose of the tool, the application has two main interfaces. The Open Interface is intended for use by the experts at the global, national and sub-national levels. This interface allows the technical content and language of the guidelines to be revised, library and educational materials to be added, and a tailor-made training course to be created. The interface is user-friendly and does not require special computer skills. The Closed interface – the ICATT Training Player - contains the training materials which have been modified during the adaptation process in the ICATT Builder and Manager (open interface). It can be used in many ways, for self-learning, classroom teaching, distance learning

Access: Free (registration required). Membership to this portal is Verified. Once your account information has been submitted, you will receive an email containing your unique Verification Code. The Verification Code will be required the first time you attempt to sign in to the portal environment.
URL: http://www.icatt-training.org/


Description: Udutu™ offers easy to use online learning solutions designed to help small and large organizations build and distribute online training courses. Flexible templates allow users to effortlessly present material to learners, engaging them with interactions, and immersing them in branching scenarios. All major types of graphic, sound, and video formats optimize automatically for web delivery. A robust multimedia corporate training and development program can be up and running in 3 to 4 weeks.” “The system is perfect for corporate trainers, software trainers, human resource managers, curriculum designers, sales professionals, account managers and small businesses. You are able to easily import existing curriculums and PowerPoint presentations.”

Access: Software is free. Membership fee for hosting course materials (starting from $19 per month)
URL: http://www.udutu.com/

Compiled by Irina Ibraghimova, PhD
Library and Information Management Specialist
HealthConnect International