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Spotlight on: Patient Safety Resources

Patient safety is the absence of preventable harm to a patient during the process of health care. The discipline of patient safety is the coordinated efforts to prevent harm, caused by the process of health care itself, from occurring to patients. (From WHO Patient Safety at http://www.who.int/patientsafety/about/en/)

International Programs and Professional Organizations

WHO Patient Safety

"Patient safety is a fundamental principle of health care. Every point in the process of care-giving contains a certain degree of inherent unsafety. Adverse events may result from problems in practice, products, procedures or systems.

Patient safety improvements demand a complex system-wide effort, involving a wide range of actions in performance improvement, environmental safety and risk management, including infection control, safe use of medicines, equipment safety, safe clinical practice and safe environment of care.“ WHO programs and activities, publications, multimedia resources on patient safety.


World Alliance for Patient Safety

The World Alliance for Patient Safety was launched in Washington, DC, on 27 October 2004. The program, WHO Patient Safety, aims to coordinate, disseminate and acceler-ate improvements in patient safety world-wide. It also provides a vehicle for interna-tional collaboration and action between WHO Member States, WHO’s Secretariat, technical experts, and consumers, as well as professionals and industry groups. Each year, WHO Patient Safety delivers a number of programs covering systemic and technical aspects to improve patient safety around the world.


Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Patient Safety

This site provides links to some of the main patient safety reports, as well as information related to infection control, including specific clinical guidelines.


ECRI - Patient Safety

ECRI (formerly the Emergency Care Re-search Institute) is an independent, not-for-profit health services research agency. Its mission is to improve the safety, quality and cost-effectiveness of health care. It has been active in the patient safety field for many years. Patient safety is a top priority for every healthcare organization, but knowing where to direct patient safety initiatives can be a daunting task.

To help guide organizations in deciding where to focus their patient safety efforts, ECRI Institute has developed the 2015 Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organizations


The Health Foundation: Safer Patients Initiative

The Health Foundation is an independent charity that aims to improve health and the quality of healthcare in the UK. “The Safer Patients Initiative was the first major im-provement program to start to address the issue of patient safety in the UK. It was com-plex and large-scale in its approach to im-provement, recognizing that change needed to take place across whole organizations and systems rather than focusing on individ-ual incidents.“ On the web-site one can find in-depth description of the project and case studies.

Patient Safety and Medical Error

Open public health courses and learning ma-terials from The Johns Hopkins University. OpenCourseWare makes JHSPH course materials used in the teaching of actual courses freely and openly available on the Web. You may share and adapt the materi-als on OCW under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

http://ocw.jhsph.edu/index.cfm/go/ viewCourse/course/PatientSafety/coursePage/index/


Training Resources

Journal of Patient Safety

The Journal of Patient Safety is dedicated to presenting research advances and field ap-plications in every area of patient safety. While the Journal has a research emphasis, it also publishes articles describing near-miss opportunities, system modifications that are barriers to error, and the impact of regu-latory changes on healthcare delivery. Se-lected free issues and articles. Available through HINARI.




The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety

Published monthly, The Joint Commis-sion Journal on Qual-ity and Patient Safety is a peer-reviewed publication dedicated to providing health professionals with the information they need to promote the quality and safety of health care.

The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety invites original manu-scripts on the development, adaptation, and/ or implementation of innovative thinking, strategies, and practices in improving quality and safety in health care. Case studies, pro-

gram or project reports, reports of new methodologies or new applications of meth-odologies, research studies on the effec-tiveness of improvement interventions, and commentaries on issues and practices are all considered. Free abstracts and sample articles. http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/jcaho/jcjqs;jsessionid=64amtpm2gsdg0.alexan dra

BMJ Quality & Safety

BMJ Quality & Safety (previously Quality & Safety in Health Care) is an inter-national peer review publi-cation providing research, opinions, debates and reviews for academ-ics, clinicians and healthcare managers fo-cused on the quality and safety of health care and the science of improvement.

Led by a patient-focused editorial team with a view towards helping all team members improve their knowledge with the overall goal of improving patient care now. The journal integrates the academic and clinical aspects of quality and safety in healthcare by encouraging academics to create evi-dence and knowledge valued by clinicians and clinicians to value using evidence and knowledge to improve quality. Selected free and open access articles.


The International Journal for Quality in Health Care

The International Journal for Quality in Health Care (IJQHC) is a leading international peer-reviewed scholarly journal addressing research, policy, and implementation related to the quality of health care and health outcomes for popula-tions and patients worldwide. “The journal is truly interdisciplinary, welcoming original contributions in the disciplines of health services research, health care evaluation, policy, health economics, quality improvement, management, and clinical research focused on the quality and safety of care. The journal reaches a global audience including researchers, clinical care professionals, quality assurance professionals, policymakers, managers, educators, and students of health-related disciplines.”

This peer-reviewed journal includes contributions from representatives of all health pro-fessions such as doctors, nurses, quality assurance professionals, managers, politicians, social workers, and therapists, as well as researchers from health-related back-grounds. The Journal also contains news of the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), including announcements of forthcoming courses, symposia, and congresses. Selected free articles and supplements. Available through HINARI.



Journal of Nursing Care Quality

Journal of Nursing Care Quality (JNCQ) is a peer-reviewed journal that provides practicing nurses as well as nurses who have leadership roles in nursing care quality programs with useful information regarding the application of quality principles and concepts in the practice setting. The journal offers a forum for the scholarly discussion of “real world” implementation of quality activities. JNCQ provides practicing nurses, nurses in leadership roles, and other health care professionals with new information and research on patient safety, quality care, evidence-based practice. Selected free articles.

Available through HINARI.

Guides and Collections 

Patient Safety and Medical Errors

Annotated collection of links to resources, tutorials and cases. From the Duke University Medical Center Library.


Healthcare Teams/Patient Safety LibGuide

Recommended reading, videos and other web resources on patient safety.


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